Thursday, February 20, 2014

Business Center @ Sheraton Towers, Chennai

Would you like to conduct Board meeting at “THE TOWERS”? Would you like to host a Banquet or arrange a conference?

Sheraton Towers simply does not end with offering space. It offers a whole lot of facilities… right from large carpets, lights with dimmers …

& Facilities like:
• Projector
• High Speed Internet Access
• Video Conferencing Services
• Screening on TV Sets (Betacam, U-matic, VHS)
• Synchronized multi-projector, multi-screen audio-visuals
• Hand-held slide presentations
• OHP presentations
• Public address systems, lectern, table and lapel microphones
• 24- hours Business centre
• Printing, stationery, delegate kits
• Video coverage and photography

One can even host Theme parties and entertainment in The Towers.

Picture - Lobby of the business centre ! 

Picture - Conference Room 

Board Room

Would you explore conducting board meeting at The Towers? One can conduct the business review at the board room and the twin door offers utmost privacy for the business people and would allow you to focus on work.

Board room services can also be hired with private kitchen (located in the adjoining room). Guests would be served with quality food, cooked exclusively for them and the menu can be chosen from wide range.

The biggest surprise of the state of the art board room is the color combination…. You would come alive after seeing the bright colors of the room and you will feel relieved for not seeing another boring formal décor !!!

Training or Orientation

Not only that., Companies can conduct training or orientation for their staff at The Towers. 

Do explore when you have a chance to conduct business, next time !!!

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